_ Ephemerotica Brick & Mortar Dream //

* the dream to someday having a boutique of thrifted one-of-a-kinds, procured goods and vintage inspired original Ephemerotica designed products complete with Mr. Toberson making deliveries in the company truck //


_ Ephemerotica Calling Cards //

* just got these nice satin calling cards printed by 4by6.com using photos of some of my Family Farm Ephemera — items from decades past from my Great Aunt and Uncle's farm where i grew up ((( view the entire photo set at *f_ephemera )))


_ 1960's Ford Falcon Futura //

* 1960's Ford Falcon Futura 289 station wagon I stumbled across while wandering San Francisco seeking inspiration and a page from the original dealer catalog // * photos : Eric Kass


_ Family Farm Ephemera //

* items from decades past from my great aunt and uncle's farm where i grew up ((( view the entire photo set at *f_ephemera )))


_ 1977 Schwinn Le Tour //

* bought this sweet vintage bike on Craig's List while visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin recently ( Serial # E421526 manufactured May 1974 ) love the type on the bike and was excited to find all of the original print materials online //


_ 1964 Typographic Directions designed by Herb Lubalin //

* found the book “typographic directions / advertising directions 4 : ( trends in visual advertising )” from 1964 in a used bookstore along with a couple other type books i’ll post soon – from the introduction : “the only book of its kind ever published…devoted entirely to advertising typography — its past, present and future explored by 30 outstanding authorities” //

_ 1963 Civil Defense All Purpose Survival Biscuit //

Found these Survival Biscuits years ago on the farm where I grew up – they came from an area fall out shelter.

_Vintage Print & CA Design Magazines //

* Print and CA magazines from the 50's and 60's that i found at a used book store years ago ((( view the entire photo set at *f_collections ))) //

_ 1955/56 Graphis Annual featuring Andy Warhol //

* discovered this mid-century Graphis, The International Yearbook of Advertising Art, several years ago at a used book store – it’s filled with wonderful work from famous designers and artists including early commercial artwork by andy warhol //