_ Life of a Traveling Book Match Salesman //

* Found this awesome Superior Match Company sales binder with tipped on matchbooks in original sales case foil stamped with the salesman's name, James R. McAlexander, in a local antique store. There are even completed and in-process order forms in the pocket from 1965 – The Finest in Book Match Advertising //

_ Star Stamps //

* 1947 Hollywood Official Stamps of the Stars & Studios First Edition featuring Mickey Rooney, Dorothy Lamour, Ava Gardner and "Dagwood" - love the simple 2-color printing and rough hand-made illustration photography collage style of the design //


_ Sound off... Softly //

* Limited Edition vintage Columbia Records promotion for Gold Bond Ceiling Tile "Sound Off... Softly - carpet your ceiling with Silentex for full listening pleasure" original price tag shows it was purchased on sale at Vonnegut's a long gone hardware store in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana owned by Kurt Vonnegut's family//


_ Light My Fire //

* selections from the giant vintage matchbook collection of Annie Kubena //


_ Hatch Show Print, Nashville Tennessee //

* photos from a quick winter weekend trip to Nashville, Tennessee for some letterpress history//

1. Hatch Show Print Patch
2 – 3. Hatch Show Print Print Shop
4. Hatch Show Print Postcard
5. Vintage wood printing block for Grand Ole Opry Poster
6. Hatch Show Print Circus Poster Detail